Passing the Test

As a spiritual coach and certified hypnotist, I am often called on to help people pass tests. I grew up in an academic setting, literally. My father was a professor and college administrator. His rose to the top of his profession.  Eventually he became VP of two colleges and President of one. In my very young years, we lived on the campus of Roanoke College in Salem VA while Dad worked in Development and also coached the soccer team from obscurity to success. What was once our apartment house is now a college office building. My playground was the front lawn of the main building on campus.

Like my father, I also love coaching and development. Though my function is not to raise funds for an academic insitituion, I feel happy and excited when I help students develop the skills and confidence to excell in studies, pass tests, defend theses, interview for jobs, get jobs, express their gifts into the world…and enjoy the process of doing these things!

Virginia Tech is my “home school” because I live nearby, but I have helped and continue to work with high school, undergrads, graduate students, and people taking professional exams who live all over the US (and Europe), though phone sessions. Yale, Vassar, SUNY…the list goes on. I have coached athletes, engineering doctoral candidates, nurse aneasthesiologist, guys taking police officer tests, you name it. Perhaps most dramatic was my client who came to me for mental toughness and endurance he knew he’d need to pass the grueling achieve Army Ranger test. Problem-solving on very little sleep and food, while doing incredibly hard physical tasks for weeks.

What is the common theme in our work? All of us who take tests, which is to say everybody (are we not all learners?) share to some degree or other the erroneous belief in separation from Source. As we prepare for test-taking, we do plenty of nitty-gritty work with study and test-taking techniques. But the single most powerful lesson any one of us can learn is that we are loved and supported beyond measure.

When we know this, we can relax and much more easily access factual information from the brain and infinite information stored in the collective mind. We can call upon univeral energy to supply us with what we need, even in those extreme situations like Ranger school when our resolve and physical endurance is severely tested.

Are we not all in school? What are you learning? What tests would you like to pass? What gifts and strengths would you like to develop? How could tapping into reserves of inner knowing help you on your journey?




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