We all have ’em. So many stories we see on TV and in films depict two contrasting characters that reflect our dual natures, mixed feelings, conscious and unconscious. Like Oscar and Felix, Mary and Rhoda, Holmes and Watson.I think it can be useful to make friends with your parts and then let them make friends with each other. After all, they’re both on your team. You invented them, and though they’re there to serve different needs, those needs belong to the same person: you.

My writer/coach is a Felix. She needs order for herself and her clients. She likes silence. She’s particular and precise in the details of her environment. She dresses with taste and care. My artist is an Oscar. She likes funky jazz and R&B. She makes messes with blithe abandon. She wears stretchy pants and a big old paintsmeared man’s T-shirt. They have an arrangement. The messes get made, but they get cleaned up before they get too out of hand, at least once a day.

There are no arguments. They both love me, so they love each other by staying out of each others’ way. TV and movies thrive on conflict. Me, I like…



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