Partnership and the Pretty Dress

So, I’m trying something on and I overhear this young woman in the next dressing room. She’s saying to an older lady, “I love the dress, but I don’t know if my husband will let me wear it.” *Let* her?!?  And I’m thinking, “Honey, get the dress and get rid of the husband.”

When I write wedding scripts, I customize them to whatever the couple wants. But I tell them from the get-go, there’s one word I won’t put into a script, and that’s the word, “obey.”

When I went to make my purchase, the saleslady was weirded out too. She told me it was a pretty dress and not overly sexy or cheap-looking. “It’s supposed to be a partnership,” she said. “You come back soon, OK?” We smiled at one another, both feeling better. And I walked out into the breezy summer night with my treasures.

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