“Owwww, We Want the Funk, Gotta Have That Funk!”

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

What’s most interesting to me in art, fashion, music, cuisine, interior design, and people is the feel of the real. It may not be ALL about that bass, but I want to hear the beat that makes me want to dance. I want to see the brushstrokes, bite into veggies that still have substance, enter rooms that tell me more about the owners than about the decorator they hired. I like my clothing composed but quirky.

I think what attracts us in the arts and in people is the combination of beauty and uniqueness. And it’s because this is a reflection of how the Divine expresses in us, as us.

The most boring and dangerous people in the world are those who pose as perfect. Because they must project their shadow onto others and they don’t know how to laugh except at others. Self-acceptance is much more fun, and provides the ground for a flow of creativity that comes from Love and serves everybody. Love flavors the soup, warms the room, creates an aura around the outfit, shines through the painting, and most importantly of all, beautifies relationships between perfectly imperfect, fully alive beings. <3

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