One Heart, Many Arms!

People sometimes display surprise that I do what appears to be more than one job. Most of us are taught to believe we can only do one task. But think about it. We’re all so used to multi-tasking that we don’t even recognize that we’re doing… it. How many tasks do parents do? They nurture, love, provide moral guidance, sustenance and financial support, and much more.

Actors must master speech, dance, and vocal projection, use of the stage, acting for the big hall and for the camera (which are completely different skills!) memorization, study of the psychology of their characters, as well as how to tap in to their own emotional content, and again, much more.

Self-employed folks must fulfill all roles necessary to the smooth function of a business entity, which in a large organization are enacted by various departments headed by people with entirely different skillsets. If you work for yourself, you are responsible  to be your own expert in the visionary, strategic, procedural, and social aspects of the business.
We are all smarter and more multifaceted than our culture trains us to think we are! We are like the image of Durga, the Hindu goddess, reaching out in many directions, but all from one central defining essence.

As for me, It may seem that I do many things, but I really do *one* thing, I am a spiritual artist who likes to facilitate the HAPPY through various forms of expression. The arts of written and spoken word, visual art, and sacred celebrations. At the center of all my work is the Beauty that shines from within us all.

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