Om Times Review of “Lose Weight in Alpha State” by Kanta Bosniak

June 1/2 2001 Om Times Magazine Book Review
Lose Weight in Alpha State: Weight Loss as a Joyous Spiritual Journey
written & illustrated by Kanta Bosniak
Most of us could lose a few. And most of us have experienced the frustration and disappointment of “finding” what we lost, again and again. So every year there is a new barrage of diet and exercise books we buy with gritted teeth and good intentions. Author and veteran coach/hypnotist Kanta Bosniak posits that the way we think about and approach weight loss is crucial to our success. We asked her to elaborate on very different approach.

“The self-punitive, self-judgmental slave driver” doesn’t get the job done. It’s like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house. Yo-yoing is like a dance between The Punisher and the Saboteur, which are both guises of the Ego. Neither part of the Ego can help you, because that’s not their function. You have to go an entirely different zone if you really want success.  Big help comes from the Higher Self and is implemented by the Creative Self. Your Superconscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind do the magic together.”

Bosniak applies “The Becoming Process” model she introduced in her first book Surviving Cancer and Other Tough Stuff to weight loss. “There is a process we move through when we heal and transform. It’s a natural thing. Invite Spirit into your life, ask for guidance and you’re on a Becoming Path. I discovered it for myself by noticing and reflecting on my own process… what was working for me and what was working for my clients. It can be applied to most any area of life. And it works beautifully for weight loss.”

And, as in her first book, she shares some of her own inspiring story, and expertly guides the reader through each of the twelve stages of “Becoming” from Contemplation to Joy with a creative journal approach. “Ideas and theory are fine, but positive thinking needs to go to a deeper level. The subconscious mind loves story and play. Self-inquiry is fine, but self-inquiry with a pen in hand and a fresh box of colored pencils… Now your creative self is on the job. It’s like rocket fuel!”

We asked Bosniak if it was necessary to be a good writer or artist to do the creative journal portion of the book. “Not at all,” she laughed. “It’s all about self-discovery, and a little thing called fun. We’re hard-worked for fun. We must have it, we should have it. We deserve it. Will power will get us through two weeks… maybe. Fun sustains and strengthens us. That’s one reason I included my own goofy drawings. Inviting the silly opens you up. When you pick up the book, imagine sliding your critic over to the side, out of sight and out of the way. Now, you’re in an Alpha State. A state of pleasure, present with yourself and life. That’s a place from which you can create. The place where love and laughter live is the same place from which you launch your successful physical weight loss journey.”

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