“Nothing New Under the Sun”: Asking Creative Questions

In my college days and into my mid-twenties, I was involved with a yoga society as member, meditation teacher and for a time, as a part of the organizational workings of the local Philadelphia chapter. I loved the ancient Sanksrit songs. It was a way to connect with ideas I still respect and also with sages of the past, for whom I also feel appreciation.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” as my friend Jim, a history buff, is fond of saying. As a writer and teacher type, I am profoundly aware of this. We create and recreate in collaboration with those who have gone before us and even those who will come after. There is no question that we are not alone.

What needs to be said? How best to say it? What is the form that will be most useful? How does Spirit express ItSelf as me, through me? How can I best support this process? What will be the most using and engaging way to invite the friend to play? These are the questions.

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