My Soapbox Moment: Hypnosis, Prayer & Choice

My Soapbox Moment: Phineas Quimby (whom many consider to be the Father of the New
Thought Movement) was a hypnotist and a student of Eastern philosophy, meditation
and yoga. Hypnosis IS meditation IS affirmative prayer. A news bit I read today
prompted a teeny tiny rant. Hypnosis is like a beloved friend to me, one I love
and respect. I would not stand by and let a friend’s character be besmirched
and so…I wrote the note below, to set the record straight.

Re: the morning S. Sirhan news. Bullet switched? Maybe. Hypnotized into it?
Nonsense. That is SO not how hypnosis works! Studies have shown that hypnosis can
not, not, NOT be used to influence someone to do something outside his or her
moral or ethical boundaries! It is an amazing multiplier, giving willingness.
1000000 X a little is a lot. But any number X 0 is still 0. There must be an
essential desire and alignment to work with. And hypnosis is TEAMWORK, not mind
control. For mind control, there must be actual brainwashing, which may or may
not have been applied.

Though I have no idea what went on, I do know this: hypnosis is really deep, highly
focused, full-tilt affirmative prayer. Prayer to change the self into its true
and highest potential. It calls us to a higher experience of ourselves. People
certainly can be coached. Call it pre-prayer coaching…to help them find their
motivation and prepare for change. But for success, it still needs to be change
that they WANT.

Over the years, I have had the occasional person contact me, wanting me to do hypnosis
to force someone else to tell the truth or do something they don’t want to do. And I tell them
that’s not how it works, and even if it did, I wouldn’t.

It’s a freewill universe. We make choices and we are responsible for the choices we make.
And this is the GOOD news! Because we can, at any time, take a look at the results of those
choices, make a new choice, and turn ourselves around.

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