“My Name is No”

I watched a couple Meghan Trainor songs on YouTube and noticed a plethora of impassioned vile comments by men who were clearly not just meh about her and her music. Their posts revealed the deep rage of people who feel threatened. For a misogynist, women who cannot be controlled by fat shame or the imagined “needs” for approval by a man and relationship at any cost must be terrifying, They provide no avenue for domination and no availability for abuse. All that remains is to become a congressman or senator and try to legislate control of the feminine. Or lacking the means, education, and aptitude for that, to post mean comments on the sites of successful women (who would never date them).

I’m seeing a world where men appreciate confident women, because they themselves feel happy, whole and strong inside. Let’s raise our boys to know they are loved and to know how to love. Love themselves, love others, love life and engage with all of the above with appreciation and respect. And in the meantime, let’s teach our girls that the appropriate response to anything less than respect merits a response of “My name is no. My number is no.”

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