Mulching with Women’s Wear Dailies, Perfume Hacks and Authenticity

Yesterday, my friend Donna told me she had come upon something I had written back in the day. It was poem I wrote when my ex and I owned a 23 acre property and gardening was, like writing, art and fashion, one of my forms of artistic expression. I was big on mulching. Among other things, I mulched with an iconic daily newspaper of the fashion industry, which I enjoyed reading and then used to keep the weeds at bay.

This morning I mixed two scents- a fancy mysterious Oriental (Poison) with a drugstore light citrus I’ve loved since my teen years (Jean Nate). Because for me, the blend of deep and cheery is just right. And just because. I can.

I remember the poem (Mulching with Women’s Wear Dailies) and what it meant to me. We do not have to choose our identities from a set menu defined by others. We can allow who we are to come from within, and fully inhabit the wholeness of our gifts and natural selves. It’s OK to be a mechanic who reads Rumi. It’s OK to be an intellectual who watches night-time soaps and prefers top 40 to NPR. Empowerment doesn’t always look like some big deal. Usually it’s just about making choices that make you happy

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