Mind Power

Anti intellectualism is a scourge, but at the same time it is a gift, because it challenges the sleeping to awaken from illusion. Your mind is sacred and it is your strongest weapon against world-be controllers at every level and relational circumstance. It links you to the vast intelligence of the Divine and to your amazing intuition. It gives you freedom and power. Never be ashamed of your mind. If you have little formal education, you can still access and expand your natural genius, if you are intellectually curious and are willing to explore, to move past preconceived notions and popular fallacies, and to think for yourself.  Education can be a great benefit and should be valued, yet, there are people with advanced degrees whose minds are closed and dull for lack of creative application and the humility required to connect mind with heart. Never surrender or abdicate the full use of of your wonderful mind and keep nourishing it. Pass on the love of reading to your children and encourage their critical thinking skills. May we turn our lights on and keep them on!

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