Mean Potato and the Great Healing

Once upon a time, there was a root vegetable who claimed to be a yam. But not just a yam. A special yam. The best yam. A Christian yam. He looked orange all right, but.. off. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t his personal appearance that bothered the other vegetables and fruits. Live and let live, and beauty is as beauty does. But that was the problem. Though he called himself a Christian yam, he did not follow the teachings about feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, caring for the sick, and above all loving others as himself. Since he didn’t love himself, he didn’t know how to love others either. Sad!

With his actions and his attempts to stir up hate, fear, and division, he showed that he was no Christian yam at all. And was he even that? More and more, the other root vegetables began to see him as he really was. It started with the parsnips and rutabagas. The beets and onions were next. Soon, the peppers woke up. Then, the apples and berries realized they too, had been played. Finally, they all realized he was just a mean white potato with a spray tan.

That was the beginning of the Great Healing. Here and there, conversations started across boundaries. The fruits and vegetables found common ground, literally. They all loved the soil, the sun, and rain. They all loved to see their little ones grow. There was much celebration throughout the land. In their joy, almost everyone forgot about the mean potato.

But a kind old pumpkin invited him to a party. She figured his ego had had enough crunching that he might be ready to come out of his golden vegetable bin and join in the festivities. When he just responded with an angry tweet, she didn’t worry about it. For she knew that all things happen in God’s time and that by whatever name you may call that energy we find it convenient to call God, the mysterious power of Love is always working in every situation. And so, it is. -Kanta Bosniak


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