Marilyn, “Specialness” and You

The Sanskrit expression, “Sarwan kalvidam Brahma” means God is everything. The beauty of love of God is everywhere, in each of us. No one is more or less important. No one is more or less sacred or “special.”

In May of 1962, after Marilyn’s death Warhol took a publicity still of her and altered it, making her a masklike, everywoman Madonna. He deified her in an entirely different way than did Hollywood. And he did the same favor for soup cans.

At the same time, Robert Rauchenberg was also blurring the distinctions between art objects and everyday objects. He said that he painted “in the gap between art and life.” The Divine Paradox. Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything. Our ego may appear human and flawed. We are stars, we are That.

Art, as Du Champs said, is created in the observer’s eye. May you see the nothing in projections and the All in all.

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