Making Better Maps

IMO, pretty much everything we think is, as my dad liked to say, “back a**wards.” This goes for false statements such as “To be a good Christian you must hate ‘sinners.'” and “Columbus discovered America.”

Unstated limiting beliefs such asĀ  “Emotions are dangerous” sap our creative energy and make us fake the happiness we would naturally come to if we let ourSelves flow. We incorrectly describe our inner landscapes and our outer ones too. We map our lives as “damaged” or “unworthy” people, unwilling to risk love or live to our full potentials, when we are really Love Itself, starstuff, made in the image of our Creator, which is to say, unlimited spiritual energy and pure potentiality. Creative Mind expressed through us, as us.

We worry about nothing (which masquerades as something, anything), because we’re too afraid to confront and refute the lie that really worries us, which is the stupid notion that we are separate from our Source. As Lesson 5 in the Course Lesson 5 tells us, “I am never upset for the reason I think.” If we let ourSelves turn our inner map upside down, we might realize that fear is not the huge continent we thought it was.

I saw this clip a few months ago and loved it. This morning, its beauty excited me even more. “Nothing is where you think it is,” says the man. Listen, listen. Your life is calling. Question any message from inside or out that tells you to be anything less than happy. Listen to your joy. Make your own map. Follow your adventure.


Kanta Bosniak


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