“Love Poems” Love

Barbi (with a heart over the i) loved love. She doodled hearts in the margins while she took notes in high school. She sampled different lipsticks to see which ones were most kissable. In college, she read the love poems of the Rumi, Hafiz, and Neruda.

All the while, of course, Barbi dreamed of her wedding. Especially in Poetry class. The instructor, Ken was seriously cute and had a soft spot for the Brownings. Barbi dreamed of exchanging love poems and letters with Ken, like that famous literary pair. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” she thought.

On the last day of class, Ken asked her out for a bite to eat and gave her a book of love poems just brimming with heart doodles! One thing led to another. On Valentine’s day, Ken proposed. And since everybody knows Virginia is for Lovers, and it just so happens that those “Love Poems” were written by a wedding minister who lived there, Barbi and Ken made the trip and were married off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Rev Kanta Bosniak, Wedding Officiant

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