Love and the Macho Intuitive

Ken was a guy’s guy, an alpha male who coul smash down a wall, build a house, drive a truck through miles of mud. You name it, he could do it. He also had a secret and uncanny knack for “getting” people. He could meet them for just a few minutes and see into their hearts. Sometimes a pretty sight, sometimes, not so much.

One day, after a long hot day of installing drywall, he stopped off at the supermarket to pick up something quick for dinner. There, in the floral department, was a young woman, unpacking astromerias. He stopped in his tracks, and dusty as he was he felt compelled to say hello.

Because though it only took a glance her way to tell him all he needed to know about her kindness, integrity and compassion, one glance would never be enough. This was the face and soul he wanted to look into for the rest of his life.And so, he bought a bouquet of hot pink blooms and gave them right back to her, along with an invitation to dinner. As it turned out (surprise, surprise!) hot pink was Barbie’s favorite color. A year later, hot pink astromerias adorned the receptional hall. And they lived happily ever after.

Rev. Kanta Bosniak, Wedding Officiant


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