Love & Acting!

Barbra Sue tried on personae like dresses at Macy’s: 5 in the cart allowed at a time, but you can come back for more after you’re done with these.

The cast of characters began with Disney Princess and moved on to to Cheerleader, Goth Girl, 80’s Revival (shoulder pads and all). She emulated musical icons, soap opera queens stars and film stars.It was in this stage that she found herself. Barbra signed up for a drama class. Acting! It was her truest love. Or so she thought until she feel for her instructor, Kenny Bob Quesenberry.

Yes, the theater was her natural home. Her natural talent found fuller and more satisfying expression. She became her radiant self. But what made it all the sweeter was that after the cast parties were over, She and Kenny Bob would stay up all night canoodling and talking about the craft in a little place on the Lower East Side.

That Kenny Bob accepted, even encouraged her chamelonic nature was soul balm to her. And she, in turn, accepted his…well, normalcy. It was as if with every fiber of his being he contradicted smog, crazy taxi drivers and narcissitic actors with the zen of sanity. In due course it was time to meet his parents, who lived in Christiansburg, VA. Barbra packed a variety of outfits to suit her mood, and the whole family seemed to be fine with it. In fact, they welcomed her with open arms.

Rev. Kanta Bosniak, Wedding Officiant

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