Look Deeper

Look deeper. The lion killer, the drink-spiking serial rapist, the badge gives me permission to pull you out of the car and light you up cop are all the same bully, terrified and desperate, haunted by self-hatred and the fear that he has fallen out of the universe and can’t get up, fear of punishment by a God he doesn’t believe could ever, ever love him. Fear of a vengeful and easily distracted God who will cast him even further into the pit unless he points towards someone else. His concept of God is as primitive as he is for both he and his imagined Cosmic Tyrant live for domination and take pleasure in the distress of others. You could call him pre-human, because his heart has not yet opened and he has not yet sacrificed himself to something bigger than his immediate gratification. He has many faces but one name: ego. We all carry at least a vestige of this guy within us. But moment by moment, choice by choice, we can participate in our own evolution by inviting Love to work in our lives and come into every situation. God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” May it be so.


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