Independence Day

I AM Divine Freedom
as expressed in the soaring eagle,
the windswept plains,
and the little girl twirling in tulle.
As you and me beholding freedom within.

How shall we use this to uplift and prosper
to serve and bless?

I AM Divine Wisdom
in between the breaths and actions
in the quiet moments
in the dreams and kisses.
In the words of strangers and friends.

I AM the Friend, reminding myself
that I AM all that I behold.

Even the sleeping and forgetful
secretly dream of me,
yearn for me,
cry for me in their most hateful epithets,
trying to steal my power from their brothers,
and suck the sovereigty from their sisters.

I AM Love expressing as myself
beholding the love and freedom in those still suffering.

Affirming that all sentient beings
have a date with the the explosion of awareness
that lights the soul.
Call it enlightenment,
dharma, destiny,
the Holy Moment
or Independence Day.

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