Imagination, Creativity, and Steampunk

So, with Banned Books Week not too far behind us, which kind of flew over my head in busy days, I had a casual conversation yesterday that gave me pause, and frankly, weirded me out. I was talking with a high school senior who asked me what I do. She was interested in the weddings and wanted to know more about that. I said I do a broad range of weddings and I love them all, from more traditional all the way to theme weddings like steampunk.She actually recoiled from the word “steampunk” as though I had said “satanic.” The notion that creativity, fantasy, SciFi, playfulness, humor, and well, just plain FUN would be shameful and shocking to this young lady made me feel sad for her. Then, last night, I got to interview a smart, playful, and funny couple for whom I will be officating my *second* steampunk wedding. It was the antidote. Let’s hear it for imagination and creativity! And let’s affirm that as a culture, we get over the fears of creativity, and imagination. They are God-given gifts and together with empathy, are three of our greatest strengths.

“Imagination is only creativity having fun.”
-Albert Einstein

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