Harvest for the World

We humans are marvelous creatures! One thing I appreciate about us is that we can hold chords of thought. Like Tuva singers who can sing two notes simultaneously, we can manage complexities of understanding. This is a cornerstone of gratitude and the manifestation process. We have the ability to acknowledge a challenge and at the same time to give thanks in advance for its resolution.

As we give thanks for our good, we can also give thanks for the good we envision for ourselves and for our world. As we gather with family, we can remember that our family extends around the globe and back again. As we laugh and feast and love, we can affirm that all our brothers and sisters and their children and elders may laugh and feast and that the love that we are all a part of inspires peaceful and harmonious solutions to all the challenges we face in our unfolding journey home to Love with a big L.

May there be a Harvest for the World and may it begin our the hearts and minds right now.
Hit it, Ronald! ♥

 http://youtu.be/1Msm5zO02VI “Harvest for the World” The Isley Brothers


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