Gone Girl

Gone Girl- cleverly written, suspenseful psychological thriller. One the long side, but will keep your attention. SPOILER ALERT. Scroll down only if you have seen the movie.


Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the movie.



As a lover of thrillers, I really enjoyed it. As a woman who cares about women’s well-being and how they are portrayed in popular culture, not so much. Because the portrait of the male protagonist and the female antagonist is *exactly* how the misogynistic narcissist sees it.

In his eyes, new love is exhilarating and exciting, and then, when he realizes that his lover is not the ideal he thought she was, he comes very quickly to hate her. To him, women are either sexless (like his sister) or solely sexual (like his mistress) or dangerous (like the detective or his wife). The misogynist sees women as predatory creatures who seek to entrap him and steal his life and power. I’m all for entertainment for its own sake, but at the same time, film and television are powerful media that tend to anchor fear-based notions. By examining the underlying beliefs in stories, especially our own, we can free ourselves of them and lead more rational and loving lives.

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