Gift Haiku/ The Friend

This playful Christmas graphic includes an image of a shadowbox and references from 2 of my 4 books of love poetry. My books express love that is earthy, heart-connected and spiritual at the same time. They’re the perfect romantic gift and also provide a source for contemporary, personalized, spiritual/not religious weddings. “Gift Haiku” says it all in the simplest, pared down, “acoustic” version.

“Gift Haiku” From “Sacred Love”
I give you a box
tied with a shiny ribbon
all my love inside.

Throughout both spiritual and secular literature and songs, there is often an interplay between love for the Beloved (God) and love for the beloved (sweetheart) and between the Friend (God) and the friend ( sweetheart or spouse). In interviews with wedding couples I often hear this: “We became friends, and then best friends.” Or “we are each other’s best friend.”

The relationship that we have with Divine Love is expressed through human love and human relationship are strengthened by our awareness of the Inner Light shining within the beloved. To maintain an awareness of this Light helps us stay engaged and heart-connected, as so beautifully said in First Corinthians:
“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every

Hawaiian shamans would describe this stance as being in the spirit of aloha. Yogis would use the Sanskrit word “Namaste” to describe the same state. It means that we are greeting the highest and best in “the other” from the highest and best in ourselves.

Excerpt from “Recognition” in “Love Poems”
Throughout our journeys
we may have changed our roles
but ever and always,
we have been friends.
And the Friend says, “Yes.”

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak


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