Full-Tilt State Shifting

The coloring book and the book state-shifting guidebook, “Abundance Triggers” continue to be my best-selling books in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Other related complements: the guided Imagery, “Abundance Triggers: A Journey of Self Discovery” (Amazon/Audible). And in Paradigm Shift App: “Abundance Retrieval: Power Objects, and the “Attracting Abundance” series of guided imagery sessions.

Why multiple formats? To help people jump a groove and create a new and happier one, it helps to get that material to the person though multiple learning modalities.

Positive change is a yes or no situation that requires commitment. Try is a no. Do is a yes. “There is no try, Luke Skywalker.” To counter fear, doubt, the tendency to hold onto old long-running programs, the whole hot negativity mess, it makes sense to use more than one tool.

READING is great, especially in short bits. 15 or 20 minute increments are ideal. What we learn by reading is further anchored if we visually anchor the information with ART. This is especially true when the art images are bright and colorful enough to really make an impact in the imaginative mind. So, for most cover art of books and images I use images from my paintings.

Most of my books have a CREATIVE JOURNALING component that allows the reader to anchor learning in a very hands-on way, through WRITING, DRAWING, and CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, goal-setting, ACTION, and reflection on that action. It sends a powerful message to the subconscious mind when you say to yourself, “Hey, look what I did! I can do that now!”

Since most of my print format books are illustrated with whimsical black and white line drawings, many people wrote to me that they were COLORING them in. Way before the coloring book craze, one reader specifically requested that I make a coloring book. The “Abundance Trigger Coloring Book was the first, and two others have followed so far. The Love is Everywhere Coloring Book and the Welcome to the World Coloring Book.

ENVIRONMENT can be a really powerful tool. For decades, I have taught groups of folks in sacred and secular settings such as the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Omega Institute, Unity Churches, UNCW, Kutztown University, and the Center for Peace Studies at Virginia Tech how to create prayer and self-coaching environments and how to use art and interior design to inspire you to be your best and brightest self. This is something I model in my art gallery in Floyd, Virginia.

The strongest tool in state-shifting is taking positive affirmation done in a state of highly focused awareness while in a state of relaxation and reverence. For people who want to make change, affirmative prayer done while deeply relaxed, i.e. GUIDED MEDITATION, or Transpersonal (spiritual) Hypnosis is like positive change rocket fuel. Why? because there is nothing as powerful as REAL WHOLE HEART PRAYER. Not the pleading and begging variety, but the full-tilt thank you God! belief, expectation, and gratitude in advance kind.

And finally, to activate this and all the other tools that I mentioned here and in my book “Abundance Triggers” requires RESPONSIBILITY and WILLINGNESS to master your own life and state. As long as you think life happens to you and the problems your life are insoluble, there is nowhere to go. You’re in a self-inflicted Purgatory for which the payoff is “I get to blame myself, God, and others.”

If you take blame off the table, and you’re willing to take responsibility, use all your tools, and invite that mysterious force we call God into your transformation, buckle up. Because when you let go of resistance, all the pent-up force of your passion combines with all the resources of the Universe, And then the challenge becomes ALLOWING in all the good that naturally flows, recognizing the blessings, and expanding your capacity for joy.

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