Friendly Persuasion

I grew up in Quakerism and went to Friends (Quaker) school for 12 years. So, not only did I go to meeting for worship and Sunday School on Sundays, but I memorized Psalms in Mrs Epley’s class, studied Bible in Mrs Waltz’s class, and History of Quakerism in Mr. Scattergood’s class. I even went to a Quaker summer camp. Though I gravitated toward New Thought in my early 20’s, I’ve retained a love and respect for my spiritual roots. And I know it may sound silly, but up until now, it’s given me a warm and fuzzy feeling to buy Quaker Oats and cereal protects. Kind of a link to good memories, kind mentors and courageous and integrous men and women who came to this country for religious freedom.

George Fox, Founder of the Religious Society of Friends

George Fox, Founder of the Religious Society of Friends

My intention for this blog is for it to serve as an “abundance trigger” for people who visit here. That they can know that they will always find posts that are uplifting and good-feeling. I am not a social activist; I am a spiritual activist. So, though I have respect for those who post political stuff on theirs, I choose to avoid it here. But when it come to the food supply, it’s not about politics; it’s about the well-being of all of us and all of our children and grandchildren. So, when I read that Monsanto owns Quaker, I felt a disconnect between the brand name and the namesake and I made a decision to buy my oats from other fields and to do affirmative prayer that people around the world and here at home, claim the right to good and healthy food. I’m thinking George Fox would like that.

“Sing and rejoice ye children of the day and the light; for the Lord is at work in this thick night of darkness that may be felt: and the Truth doth flourish as the rose, and lilies do grow among the thorns and the plants atop the hills, and upon them the lambs doth skip and play.”
― George Fox, The Journal of George Fox

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