Forgiveness & Accountability

Forgiving does not necessarily include choosing to associate with or make excuses for someone, or to remove the natural consequences of his or her actions. It may simply mean letting go. Letting go of the habit of replaying mental movies which keep rage fresh, and letting go of contempt, that notion that one is better or more valuable than the perpetrator of an offense. This is especially appropriate when the individual exhibits no remorse.

A person who happens to be further along the learning curve is not better or more worthy, just as a 5th grader is not more deserving of love than a toddler. He or she is just on a different part of the curve, a different timeframe. However, remove from that toddler or that 5th grader accountability, boundaries and the responsibility to respect others, imbue him or her with a sense of “specialness” and you create a monster. Enable an adult and you interfere with his soul growth and your own. Karma may not be circumvented. Because accountability is a lesson we must all learn and to play the long-suffering martyr doesn’t earn you cosmic brownie points. It just keeps you stuck.

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