For the Little Girls, and Everybody

Anyone who knows me or is familiar with my blog knows that I avoid politics and controversy. Not that there’s not a place for these discussions, but because I like my blogts to be an “abundance trigger” (happy, uplifting experience) for visitors. When I do respond to human family concerns, it’s usually in the form of an affirmative prayer. I do think we have a responsibility to pay attention. I don’t think it’s OK to look the other way when people are being mistreated. I don’t think it’s “spiritual” to have an “I got mine, Jack” attitude. We are connected, as Jesus taught (“brother’s keeper” and other passages).

Today, I saw a bad joke somewhere suggesting with would-be cleverness that we bring back virgin sacrifice. About as funny as racial or gay jokes, IMO. This right after I had read about fathers in some countries legally selling their 6, 8, 10 year old daughters to settle their own debts. “What else was I to do?” they said, as if their financial problems justified the act of selling their children into rape. Sometimes, fatal rape through internal injury. This *is* virgin sacrifice. The imposition of the sacrifice of another, unwilling person to serve one’s own “redemption” needs. Men are making these decisions. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters have no more say than the little girls who are forced to marry 40 year old men for money.

So here’s the prayer, and I ask you to join with me in it:
May we protect our girls and honor our women worldwide. May we stop using religion to excuse harming or marginalizing anyone, ever. May all beings learn to honor the inner feminine, the part of us that hopes, dreams, feels compassion, forgives, is vulnerable and open, emotive, beautiful and creative. May so many of us let go of the common insanity that the vibe jumps us forward as a whole family, accelerating our spiritual evolution until the very last person is free of hate and self-loathing and remembers that only Love is real. May all of us “become as little children” again, resting in the love of Love. So may it be. And so…(you know the last two words, right?) And so, it is.Divine Child

Image: “Divine Child Within” assemblage, Kanta Bosniak, Collection of Anonymous

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