First Things First; Second Things Second

The ceremony is the central part of your wedding day. It’s where the emotion peaks for you and your guests. The most potent and special moments. Laughter,happy tears, parental pride, oohs and ahhs…and awwwws, when children are involved n the processional. When the ceremony is well-written and properly personalized, it’s where the meaning is. The words the minister speaks will truly reflect and celebrate your identities as individuals and as a couple, and your love story.

Though the ceremony, in terms of meaning and memorability, is the “first thing” in any wedding, the minister it is not the first person to book. She is the “second thing.” The dress, cake, music, flowers, and all that good stuff are wonderful and important parts of creating a beautiful wedding, because venue and the minister are the only basic *must-haves,* practically speaking, they should be booked first and second.

The “first thing” as far as booking goes, is the venue. This is because the minister will need to reserve a specific time to be at a specific place for the wedding (and rehearsal, if there is to be one). Place matters,in the logistics and time planning, because travel time needs to be figured in.

I like to be at rehearsals half an hour early and weddings forty-five minutes to an hour early, depending on the venue. And I need to know what my travel time is going to look like, so I know that I can keep my commitment to you to be there early, so you can relax and know that the minister is present and accounted for!

Another reason to book the minister second, and not as a last minute afterthought, is that way you can secure the most experienced and best vetted minister, and the one who’s the best fit for you and your fiance, and who’ll be easy and fun to work with. If after reading the reviews on my website and/or Wedding Wire (over 100 now, thanks to the awesome couples I’ve worked with!) you think and feel that person is me, please go ahead and book my services early. Most likely, my customization fee will be the lowest of any of the line items of your wedding budget, and you ensure that the heart of your wedding day is every bit as beautiful as you dream it.

So, if you have become recently engaged, congratulations! I wish you lots of fun choosing one of the *beautiful* venues in the region, and once you’ve e done that, give me a call. I look forward to talking with you!

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