Everyday Miracles

I’m happy that the old notion of miracles is fading away and being replaced by a more realistic concept. In the old paradigm, either you were a believer in Divine intercession, which mostly happened to other people who lived thousands of years ago and very far away OR you thought the whole miracle thing was total bunkum.

Miracles used to be a term reserved for life or death situations, where the person teetered on the edge of despair and made a dramatic, last-minute choice which was rewarded. People sometimes do find hope in “bottom crashes” and the new choices they make in these situations may open up new pathways to renewed spiritual life.

But miracles occur all the time! In the birth of a baby and the birthing back to spirit. In the autumn leaf and spring blossom shows. In laughter. In the blessed intimacies of love and friendship. And in those moments when life connects you with the very thing you need.

A recent conversation with a friend reminded me of such a sweet and surprising moment. I was teaching staff development classes in visionary painting and personal sanctuary-making at Omega. I’d packed clothes and art supplies as well as art for a monthlong solo show and thought I’d remembered everything (laughter!). Sometimes classes opened with prayer, guided imagery, sacred rituals, sharing… Ah! I forgot my talking stick!

I considered making one or trying to find one in nearbly Rhinebeck. And then, on a whim, I walked into the free store, where people left what they wished to give away to whomever might wish to receive the gift. Apparently, someone wanted to give me (and my class) a talking stick!

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