Eating Real Grapes

I would like to say that there are no words for my love and gratitude this morning, and for the wonder and awe I feel at the stunning way that the Mystery keeps responding to my most secret and cherished dreams.

I would like to say that and I am tempted to, like Arjuna wanting to step out of the world and rest on a cloud somehere contemplating his navel and eating imaginary grapes. But then my inner Krishna (so to speak) kicks my butt and sends me back to letters and words and sentences me to edit my ecstacy, and enjoy my human life and put my size nines on one foot at time.

“There is heaven,” he tells me, “there is earth. And there is bringing Heaven to earth. Didn’t you get the memo?”

Well allrighty then. Here we all are being ourselves. Let’s have a sweet day, give thanks and eat real grapes.

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