Desire, Deservingness & Leaping

Change is creative, and creativity requires leaps of imagination. To do this, you have to shake off resistance. The resistance of the false ego is no match for your own God given drive to be yourSelf. When allowed to fully operate, this drive is unstoppable. It will take you where you want to go. To feel it and let it yourself pay attention to it is part of your “Becoming Process.”**

The Becoming Process is a natural one, which you do anyway, when you’re really in the flow. One of the most potent and dramatic stages is “Desire.” This stage is activated with “deservingness.” You have to not only desire the thing, state or experience, but think it’s good, right and in Divine Order for you to experience it. This fires desire up so much that it attains that level of fierceness that makes you leap through resistance gladly and with gusto.

I love this statement so much that I included it in my first book* in the section on “Desire and Deservingness”: “I am leaping, I am leaping, I am leaping through my resistance with all the fierceness of my deservingness.”

It’s a leap year. So, leap!


** “The Becoming Process: A New Paradigm for Life Change,” available on Amazon

* Surviving Cancer and Other Tough Stuff,” available on Amazon

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