Contemplation, Creativity, and Growing Your Business


I think of the the natural cycle of creative change as a spiral. We go through the cycles many times in our lifetime, and each time we do, though we may feel similar feeling to ones we have in the past, we’re still farther along in our spiritual and personal growth process.

Many people feel a sense of malaise when they have accomplished a goal and they’re not ready to begin a new one. This is especially common in winter, when we spend more time indoors and in a state of introspection. Our culture validates constant activity and nonstop productivity, so if we take a break to evaluate and assess, we may feel like we should be doing something, or we should still be perfectly thrilled with doing the same old, same old, ad infinitude, forever, even though our full potential is calling us forward. Malaise is only “mal” (bad) is we don’t pay attention, and it’s perfectly OK to take some time and pay attention.

From “The Becoming Process: A New Paradigm for Life Change,” by Kanta Bosniak: “1 Contemplation: f you feel malaise… that bored, dissatisfied sense that the status quo is longer working for you, that life has lost its savor or that something is out of alignment… allow yourself to be present with this feeling. Let this feeling be your friend. It is fine and good that temporary pleasure is not enough and that you find old patterns lacking. This empty feeling is your teacher. It is love, in disguise. Your soul whispers gently. It shows you glimpses. Pay attention. Open your eyes and ears. Be courageous and committed in self-loving, even and especially now. Keep your vessel empty and receptive. This is the beginning.”

-From “The Becoming Process: A New Paradigm for Life Change,” by Kanta Bosniak, In paperback and Kindle

I love to assist clients in their creative process and creative career and business growth, no matter what their field of endeavor. Authors, ministers, engineers, musicians, small business owners, CEOs, whomever: if you would like your life to move along in the most creative and powerful way, let’s work together to explore what’s next. You may have outgrown the model that worked when you first set up your business. Even last year’s strategies and procedures may need an update!

Let go of limiting beliefs, take positive thinking to a deeper level, access innovative ideas, harness the power of your imagination, and enjoy the benefits of coaching and guided imagery for business. Telephone sessions by phone and Skype available.

The Becoming Process: A New Paradigm for Life Change
by Kanta Bosniak

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