Conscious Creating and the Good Peanut Butter

“If I have the gift of prophecy and can understand all secrets and every form of knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains but have no love, I am nothing.” Corinthians 13:2 ISV

There is the “selfishness” that has to do with taking good care of yourself. Creating a livelihood. Setting boundaries for your availability. Getting enough rest. Filling up your energy banks with healthy food, fresh air, family, social and romantic relationship, and play. Prioritizing happiness, joy and creative expression. This kind of “selfishness” is actually service, because your happiness blesses everybody. When you are happy, you have more energy to contribute your gifts, not because you identify with the Victim or the Rescuer, but because your cup runs over. Because you have love in your heart.

And then there is the “I got mine Jack” kind of selfishness which only makes sense if our concept of Source energy is random, disorderly and devoid of love. In other words, if we are stuck in a narcissistic and grasping stage of thinking and projecting this narcissism onto our concept of the Divine. We cannot be one with a Loving Source without being one with each other. Love is the building block of the Universe. God is Love and its offspring, Service. Call it Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, whatever you like. And I am my brother’s sister, mother, daughter, guardian, champion, friend, because I AM Love.

Anything less is like cheap peanut butter masquerading as the good stuff. It’s easier to sell because it costs less. You don’t have to bother with mastering that pesky paradox of “in giving you receive.” Me, I’d rather go for what tastes truly delicious and sits well in my tummy.



P.S. I actually eat almond butter, but the metaphor worked better with peanuts!


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