Cloaks of Gratitude

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” Rumi

I found this lovely Rumi quote as I was thinking about Thanksgiving and the words “cloaks” triggered an internal visual of my crazy-quilted wearable art. Making fiber art wearables and wall pieces used to be one of my primary forms of artistic expression. It was, along with painting, a large part of the art side of my business. I still enjoy it, though for the last several years I have continued painting and have also been focusing much more time and attention on writing and illustrating books.

Wearable art still intrigues me, though, and here’s why. Besides being beautiful in and of itself it has two other things going for it. It is a visual abundance trigger (or happy button) to behold beauty. And it is a kinesthetic abundance trigger to wrap yourself in beauty. To wear a lovely one-of-a-kind art piece is a way of acknowledging that you are yourself a one of a kind expression of your Creator. It is a way of saying “Thank you” to life to celebrate our uniqueness and to adorn ourselves joyously. I think of these pieces as prayers to wear.
They are prayers of thanks that honor our Creator, celebrate life, and nourish us with beauty, joy, warmth, and sometimes, a bit of humor.

We naturally understand that certain occasions call for special clothes. Wedding dresses, tuxes, black tie, evening gowns, party clothes, date clothes, cocktail dresses, “Sunday best,” Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes, Easter hats… These honor the situation and they call up in us parts of ourselves that may hang in the closet most of the time… our elegant, spiritual, funky, or playful selves. My wearable art is elegant, spiritual, funky, and playful all at once. Because these qualities are the most authentic and interesting to me!

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