Christmas Memories

Dollhouses, gingerbread houses, train-set worlds, fairy tales, frozen icicles hanging from the big rocks on Lincoln Drive. Christmas lights on the boathouses along the Schuylkill River. My mother making jars and jars of cookies. The magical tree and decorated boughs on every windowsill scenting our whole house. The light show at what they now call Macy’s, but what will always be Wanamaker’s to me.

Always a big party for my father’s Penn folks. Cocktails, music, dancing. Dad p…laying the piano and some lady signing. My little sister and brother and I could hear them from upstairs in my sister’s room, where we had our own little kid party with a pint-sized record player and fancy snacks. To this day, my mainstay supper is a little plate of hors d’oevres and a mug of really good coffee or tea. One of my ways of celebrating Christmas every day



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