Chelsea Love


Barbara fled the farmgirl life and a bad relationship to pursue painting. She flung herself into the edgy artistic scene and supplemented her art sales by working as a receptionist at a chichi dog groomer’s shop in Chelsea. There, she backed into a gold mine, by selling her own quirky dog togs.

Her line of quirky canine coverings took off and soon she had a thriving business going. Love no longer seemed dangerous to her, but yet the guys she met seemed so shallow and boring. She wanted more… and for now she was focused on investing in a nice brownstone near Union Square Park. It was a perfect location. Close to Barnes & Noble. And on Saturdays, she could buy sprouts and arugula at the Greenway.

She called the listing agent, a Ken Carpenter and made an appointment to see the place. He turned out to a be a seriously cute single guy with a taste for philosophy and organic greens.

Rev. Kanta Bosniak, wedding officiant

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