Burning Bowls: Remembrance and Joy

burning bowl

burning bowl

Many people prepare for the New Year with the burning bowl ritual. They write down something they’re ready to leave behind on a piece of paper and then symbolically surrender it to the flames of Divine dissolution. This is one of many cleansing rituals that can be very effective, if (and only if) you really take the time to own the gift of the experience. Then, you can really let go and open up to new joys and adventures!

Some queries that may be helpful: What was the challenge? What did you learn? How are you blessed today by this learning? How do you apply it in your life?  Whether you are participating in Burning Bowl celebration at church or at home or you’re welcoming 2013 in your own special way, may Love light the fire within and may your New Year be filled with Joy!



Image: from Unity of Hawaii http://www.unityhawaii.org/2011/2981/burning-bowl-service-new-years-eve

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