Bunny & Swan: A Love Story

bunny and swan cropped
Once upon a time there was a blue swan. She loved to fly and swim and she enjoyed poetry and art. One day, she spotted a handsome bunny with a green mohawk gazing at her admiringly from the river bank. When he saw that she noticed him, he wiggled his tail, twitched his whiskers, and took two hops forward. “Beautiful Bird,” he said,” will you come out and play with me? We can frolic and hop in the tall grass and dig a burrow together,” he told her (for he loved to dig in the earth and cuddle up all close and cozy). “I will make you a fine blanket by wrapping my long ears about you and keep you warm.”

“I cannot dig,” she said, “Nor can I stray too far from the water, but I will come and play with you, Bunny Greenhair.” The two became friends and made a nest not in the water or under the earth, but in the tall grass by the water’s edge. She still swam and flew, for she was still a swan, and he still dug and hippity hopped, for he was still a bunny. But they delighted in each other’s company and linked their hearts together. And to this day, if you go down by the pond and sit very quietly by the water, you may see them together with his long ears warming her and his whiskers brushing against her bill.

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