Another New Book on the Way!

While I’m waiting for the “Bye, Bye, Mr. Malicious!” August 22 release, I’m working on a short-ish guidebook for engaged couples. It’s well under way, with cover, illustrations done, much of the text, ISBN, and book description. It’s going to be a Kindle book, so I can include lots of luscious color and still keep it very affordable! Sneak peek at the book description:

“The great news is that couples no longer have to choose between a church wedding replete with dogma they don’t resonate with and a dry, impersonal, no-guest justice of the peace wedding. There are now far more choices available for ceremonies centered on the couple’s wishes and preferences.To help you plan your special day, it’s important that you choose a client-centered officiant who will create and deliver a ceremony that matches your preferences, reflects you as a couple, celebrates your unique love story, and delights your guests. This book guides you through an easy step-by-step process to find and work with the officiant best suited to help you feel relaxed and supported and to bring the wedding of your dreams to life. Written and illustrated by veteran officiant and interfaith minister, Rev. Kanta Bosniak.”

Rev. Kanta Bosniak Wedding Services

Photo by Photographic Dreams

If you and your beloved desire a ceremony that reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple, I would like to help you make that a reality. Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re inviting five hundred of your closest friends. I am committed to creating memorable custom ceremonies that are match the couples’ preferences and celebrate each couple’s unique love story. Find out more about my custom wedding services, read client testimonials and weding professional endorsements, see price list, and more on this website at Services/ Weddings.

The Chapel Gets a New Look!

I’m a total wedding nerd. I love formal and informal ones. I love traveling to officiate weddings in venues throughout the Roanoke area and the New River Valley. And I also love hosting intimate weddings and elopements in my own venue in Floyd Virginia.

This spring, I’m excited to announce that I revamped the Kanta Bosniak Folk Art Gallery’s Chapel Room, It was something I’d been planning for awhile, and I finally took the plunge so it would be ready for this season’s first wedding here. The new version still retains its unique folk art whimsy and funkiness, but with a more romantic, upscaled boho chic look.

For more information about the Gallery Chapel package, go to Services/Weddings on this site and for bookings, give me a call (540) 577-8854

Naïveté: The Secret Door

art and fiber art by Kanta Bosniak

I’m enjoying Eli Stone, a series which beautifully (and funnily) depicts a corporate lawyer reclaiming his moral compass, spirituality, innocence, and joy. Jesus said we need to change, and become as children to enter the kingdom of heaven and he also told us that kingdom is within us. That sense of wonder. That profound appreciation for life. That quality of deep whole hearted love. That openness to exploring life. One way to paraphrase in modern terms: “Ditch the cynicism, if you want to be happy, because bitterness blocks that path.”

Conan O’Brian said “Please do not be cynical. I hate cynicism. For the record, it’s my least favorite quality. It doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

Bucky Fuller put it like this; “Dare to be naiive.” I love that. It takes courage to work really hard, not knowing EXACTLY how the “amazing things will happen,” but trusting that they will, having a sense of graitude in advance and an amused curiosity about the creative shenigans of the universe, which seems to specialize in opening door number 3 while you are busy looking at doors 1 and 2. Or door number 4, which you didn’t even know was there, because it was a secret portal, hidden concealed behind a bookcase in the library.

In my intake form for work with clients, I always ask them not only what they want to accomplish, but why is now the time, and what was their secondary gain for having not tackled it until now. What was the payoff for not having done it so far? Did they prefer invisibilty and muteness so they could avoid potential criticsm? Whatever the old contract was, it’s got to be voided. Because that shadow thing of holding onto the bad old bad because then you get to blame life, blame, others, or circumstances… that bitterness and cynicism has to go. It blocks your path. You cannot simultaneously prepare to fail and prepare to succeed. May you dare to be naiive. And may amazing things happen for you

Self-Empathy and Living a Passionate Life

I studied with NYC/Woodstock acting teacher Sande Shurin when I lived in NY, so that I could better understand the needs of my actor clients and how to serve them. I am a performer of sorts, but not an actor per se. I really enjoyed it. It grew me both as as a public speaker and as a coach to actors and others. To act, you have to have objectivity and a plan, but you also have to have empathy. For others, of course, but also for yourself. Because that thing in your shadow, whether it’s your dark shadow (that you don’t act on in real life), or your golden shadow (as yet unclaimed potential) is going to be a resource. In real life, understanding that evil actions are based on fear and shame helps build compassion. You stand against the evil, but don’t hate the evildoer. And in real life, having the courage to own your golden shadow takes every bit as much, if not more, courage. The courage to be compassionate for yourself gives birth to the courage to live a passionate life. Find your bliss and find the gifts within you that support that bliss. That’s committing to life and living it all the way.

Mean Potato and the Great Healing

Once upon a time, there was a root vegetable who claimed to be a yam. But not just a yam. A special yam. The best yam. A Christian yam. He looked orange all right, but.. off. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t his personal appearance that bothered the other vegetables and fruits. Live and let live, and beauty is as beauty does. But that was the problem. Though he called himself a Christian yam, he did not follow the teachings about feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, caring for the sick, and above all loving others as himself. Since he didn’t love himself, he didn’t know how to love others either. Sad!

With his actions and his attempts to stir up hate, fear, and division, he showed that he was no Christian yam at all. And was he even that? More and more, the other root vegetables began to see him as he really was. It started with the parsnips and rutabagas. The beets and onions were next. Soon, the peppers woke up. Then, the apples and berries realized they too, had been played. Finally, they all realized he was just a mean white potato with a spray tan.

That was the beginning of the Great Healing. Here and there, conversations started across boundaries. The fruits and vegetables found common ground, literally. They all loved the soil, the sun, and rain. They all loved to see their little ones grow. There was much celebration throughout the land. In their joy, almost everyone forgot about the mean potato.

But a kind old pumpkin invited him to a party. She figured his ego had had enough crunching that he might be ready to come out of his golden vegetable bin and join in the festivities. When he just responded with an angry tweet, she didn’t worry about it. For she knew that all things happen in God’s time and that by whatever name you may call that energy we find it convenient to call God, the mysterious power of Love is always working in every situation. And so, it is. -Kanta Bosniak


Kanta Bosniak Folk Art Gallery Weddings

Hi Friends,

Kanta Bosniak Folk Art Gallery Chapel room Art by Kanta Bosmiak

Kanta Bosniak Folk Art Gallery Chapel room
Art by Kanta Bosmiak

I’m thankful this holiday season for this beautiful space I love so much. My way of engaging with this space and inviting others to engage with it has changed over time, just as with any relationship.

Years ago, I used it as a coaching office and holistic center for classes and workshops. I’ve played with having a small book and print store here but after a few months my writer self put the nix on that, as she works much better without distractions and my retail self was perfectly happy to direct folks to Amazon, which is always open and ready to sell you all my books and guided imagery downloads. My retail self also invites to to shop for my art prints on Etsy. Win/win! My coaching too, is no longer a local business, but is available through phone and Skype. Bottom line, this is an art themed wedding venue, rather than retail store of my art and books. As both an artist and a minister, I’m excited to offer this unique wedding venue, which I sometime hashtag #artchurch on social media.

The room where I used to see coaching clients and hold classes is now a small, boho chic wedding venue. It’s perfect for couples who want a memorable and unique wedding.  Couples looking for fun setting for a destination wedding getaway will find a wide array of lodging choices, restaurants, specialty shops, and musical entertainment venues, some within walking distance and some a very short drive away.

I’m delighted to offer an extremely affordable package, which includes my custom ceremony services, the venue itself, which is an art museum of my folk art paintings and prints, basic photography, a folk art marriage certificate, fresh floral bouquet, and 12 wedding announcement postcards. All for $350.00!

I book weddings here year-round. Unlike most venues, if you have booked a winter wedding here and we have winter weather situation, I will happily work with you to reschedule your event. Looking forward to talking with you about booking your elopement or small wedding. Call me at (540) 577-8854

Rev. Kanta Bosniak

The Healing Power of Comic Archetypes

photo by Siobhan Kline/ Drumzandspace Photography

photo by Siobhan Kline/
Drumzandspace Photography


Kanta as Rock magician by Siobhan

I love comedy and I think besides being one of the elements of life that makes it beautiful and fun, comedy can have a healing element. I don’t just mean that “laughter is the best medicine,” though it can boost the immune system and help us shift our focus in a positive direction. But it can do even more. It can help us heal our spirit by owning our personal and collective shadow.

On the personal level, laughing at our foibles is a healthy by-product of gentle and compassionate self-inventory. You’ll never see a narcissist laughing at himself. His use of “humor” is misuse. He projects his self-loathing onto others with toxic sarcasm.

If there were a non-toxic use of sarcasm what would it be? Satire. The deflation of the puffed-up collective shadow, which is expressed as individuals and organizations who seek to control and disempower. That in our collective mind which fears and so it angers, schemes, hates and harms while pretending moral superiority. In the cognitive dissonance of people who hate in the name of God and attempt to destroy democracy in the name of country lies a treasure trove of comic material. And that same rich source of comedy resides within our own disowned selves.

My favorite types of comedy are cerebral, whimsical, and cultural. Sometimes when ideas are taken to their logical extremes, the humor lies in the silliness of extreme. In the case of specious arguments put forth by haters, the humor lies in ridiculousness of the fallacious argument and the utter unreasonableness of the “reasoning.”

Comics of this ilk express archetypes: the Cerebral/Spiritual Healer who heals by pointing out cognitive dissonance, and the Merry Prankster, who essentially does the same thing but in a very different personal style: unpredictable, off center, slightly askew, and a bit outrageous. We can call on these inner archetypes to do to do our spiritual work. Our Cerebral Healer can help us identify limiting beliefs that run counter to love and happiness. And our Merry Prankster can deflate the arrogance of the Inner Judge that enforces those same bad ideas and help us claim the freedom to make better choices.

May we laugh ourselves sane and whole into the light of our wisdom.
May we laugh ourselves silly and wild into our creativity and joy.
May we laugh ourselves kind and caring.
May we find the oneness that we are by sharing laughter.
May we find the sweetness and poignancy of laughter even in times of grief and loss.
May we remember our shadow selves in times of success and allow this to keep us humble and grounded.
May we always be open to cosmic humor and divine paradox in the vast Intelligence we find it convenient to call God.

With all best wishes,


Head Up; Word Up

art c Kanta Bosniak

art c Kanta Bosniak

Research has shown that physical posture connects to emotions both ways. A dejected, drained person will hunch over, cast the eyes down, and walk slowly. A confident, energized person will stand straight, with eyes ahead, and walk at a faster pace. If a person changes his physical posture he will feel better. So just as posture is influenced by attitude, so can it have an influence on attitude.

There is a similar connection with language. If you use tentative (I wish, I hope, I’m trying), passively stated language (this is happening to me) with lots of negatives (this is what I don’t like and don’t want), there is little power in your words. Make a habit of reversing the words to confident grateful decrees and you reverse your habitual thoughts to create a positive flow.

“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”-Job 22:28

Creative Dreaming


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful dream fairy who would come close and hover, sparking new perspectives and creative ahas. She would come just so far… and then retreat behind deep pink clouds. Once, a dreamer asked her to show herself and say her name. But she simply spun away, leaving behind only a blessing and a promise to appear again, right around the edges of conscious awareness, where she could be of the most help.

It is in dreams, daydreaming, and meditative states that we get most of our best ideas. So, it’s important to take some time each day to be quiet and at peace. Paradoxically, trying harder is often less productive than relaxing and entering a state of trust and connection with self and Source. We are our most productive when we balance dreaming and inspired action.