Retro 1920s Weddings

For the vast majority of weddings I officiate, I wear very plain wedding attire. However for couples who want a theme wedding, I’m happy to support their vision with tweaks to my traditional garb. Cowboy, Steampunk, Hippie, Hobbit, Hawaian…these are a few of the many theme weddings in which I’ve participated.

I recently took this smelfie for a project of the Perfume Society. They asked members to take a smelfie with their favorite fragrances. After looking at the photo, I realized it represents another popular retro style: The 1920s Flapper Era. So, if your taste and imagination run along those lines, and you want to do 20s Retro, please know this is an aesthetic I’ll be happy to match.

2nd Annual Floyd Bridal Show

The 2nd Annual Floyd Bridal Show is happening this Sunday, March 3rd at the Floyd Event Center, 188 Eco Village Trl SE, Floyd, Virginia 24091 from 12:00 to 4:00 P.M. it’s a great opportunity for brides to meet and consult with vendors. I invite you to stop by my table and chat with me about your special day. I’d love to work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams! Looking forward to seeing you. 🌸

Enigma Photograpy

A Heartfelt “Thank you!”

Thanks so much to my wedding clients! I loved working with you to create and officiate your wedding. And I so appreciate your lovely reviews. Congratulations on your first year of marriage and thanks so much for your support! 

More Wedding Perks: Bono

This print comes from a series of paintings I did of modern icons who inspire us to be our best selves. All my wedding clients can choose from a very wide selection of art prints or receive one of my books of love poems. They also get to choose their favorite 1 of 6 folk art marriage certificates I created for couples with whom I work.

More Wedding Perks: “Happy Minds” Art Print

Kanta Bosniak art and floral design

My wedding ceremony clients get to choose 1 of 6 folk art marriage certificates and either a book of love poems or an art print. Here’s a sample print from my sacred text collection. This art print comes in several color variations. Lots of other choices of inspiring quotes and folk art portraits of inspiring people.

The Art of Weddings

Art print, floral design, folk art marriage certificate, and book by Kanta Bosniak

For several years, I have offered couples 2 unique gifts as part of my wedding services: their choice of 1 of the 6 folk art marriage certificates I created for my wedding clients and a book of love poems and classic romantic readings. This year I upped the goodies options to include an 11 X 14 art print from either my icons or sacred texts collections. Sacred text prints include illustrated quotes from the Bible, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi, and more. Shown here is my folk art portrait of Bob Marley. Other prints include the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Willie Nelson, Bono, Carl Jung, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and many more. I think of creating and performing a custom wedding ceremony as sacred art forms and I love that in weddings I can bring together visual and written reminders of a couple’s special day for an overall lasting peak experience.

Wedding Gift Samplings: Rumi

Photo Kanta Bosniak
Floral design and art print Kanta Bosniak

My custom wedding ceremony clients get to choose between a folk art portrait of an iconic person (like Nikola Tesla) or an inspiring quote from sacred texts like the Bible, the Baghavad Gita, the Buddha, Rumi, Lao Tzu, Meher Baba (the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” guy), and more. Here is one of the color variations of the Rumi quote. It’s shown with a bouquet I made for an awesome bride. 

New Book is now LIVE! Plus 5 FREE Download Dates!

My new book, “How to Choose and Work with a Wedding Officiant” is live on Amazon! And my gift to engaged couples- it will be FREE on 5 special dates. Kickoff celebration date: this Thursday, November 8. Then 4 dates that fall near peak engagement dates:
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 24, the Day after Winter Solstice, December 22, the day after Christmas, December 26, and the day after New Year’s Day, January 2, 2019. To get your FREE download on one of these days, go to Amazon, find the book , choose the device you want to download it to, and click it. You fo not need to have a Kindle Fire to access the book. Amazon will give you the Kindle app free to use on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Enjoy

Winter Weddings 2018/19


photo by Skyrider Photography

Wedding Season 2018 is winding down, and I am continuing to book weddings for Wedding Season 2019, so of course, do contact me to book your 2019 wedding.

I am still available for off-season weddings, but for winter bookings, snow and ice can be an issue. So, I book winter weddings one of two ways.

1. Advance bookings, provided the venue will reschedule in case of inclement weather and dangerous driving conditions.

2. Short timeline weddings. i.e. weddings that are more on the spontaneous side. I still need a week to customize the wedding for you, but as long as we have a week and a good weather forecast, so I know I can get there. This in place, we can make it happen!

Steampunk and Fairytale Weddings

Kanta Bosniak Weddings- Steampunk and Fairytale

For most weddings, my attire is as pictured in the photos you see on my Weddings page. Simple black, top and bottom, with a white or ivory clerical scarf. However, when couples want to create a certain style or theme, such as a cowboy wedding and want me to wear Western boots, that’s what I do!

Similarly, if you are planning a steampunk, Potter, Hobbit, or fairytale wedding, I’m happy to support the look you envision. From the first time I was asked to do a theme wedding, I began building a hat collection which includes top hats, a derby, a wizard hat, Harry Potter/Retro glasses, and more. I even created a crazy-quilted  and embroidered jester hat.  And I’m continally adding to my costume wedding collection. If you are dreaming it, I am happy to do my part in bringing your dream to life.