Bliss, the Brain & Einstein


Lately, I’ve seen several articles on Albert Einstein’s brain that posit that he was born with a different sorta brain. Well maybe; maybe not. Research has shown that meditation changes the brain and Einstein was known to have done self-hypnosis (a form of meditation) on a daily basis.

The professor was been quoted up, down and backwards on the importance of intuition and imagination. Right brain “thinking” along with meditation, self-hypnosis, hypnosis, guided meditation, deep affirmative prayer, and other names for the expanded states of consciousness that we might call by one name: bliss.

What would the professor say about having his brain described as “different?”

As it happens I know exactly what he would say, because I know someone who asked him and who told the story to me and a few other people gathered in a small room for a private class. My Quaker upbringing and Quaker education taught me respect for world religions and since childhood I have enjoyed learning about different spiritual paths.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a  seminar on Judaism given by the late Morris Shoulson, a hugely respected orthodox rabbi who lived in the city of Philadelphia. In his talk, Rabbi Shoulson recounted a story about Albert Einstein. Shoulson was given the honor of picking Einstein up from Princeton and driving him back to Philly for the renaming of the Jewish Hospital to Albert Einstein Hospital. It was then, said Shoulson, a two hour drive.

At some point, the young rabbi found the chutzpah to ask the obvious question, What makes you so smart?”

“My brain is the same as everyone else’s. It’s just that I use all of it,” said Einstein, who compared his brain to a car engine. “Some people only use four cylinders. I use all eight.”

There seems to be such a human tendency to follow the “the other,” in the sense of idolatry and projection rather than emulation leading to learning and self-mastery. Instead of worshipping Einstein’s brain, may we follow the path and practice of deep affirmative prayer and meditation that will help us think bigger and better through the other “four cylinders” of the brain that tap into something infinitely larger than the physical brain: Higher Mind, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence. Bliss

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