Better Balance Love

Barbie Bennett dreamed of being a photojournalist. Her writing skills matched her dedication and strong sense of purpose. She could always find the story and the shot.

Only one problem: her body was constructed so oddly that she had a difficult time keeping her balance. Her tiny feet could barely support her long narrow frame to begin with and her large bust caused her to tip over in mid shot, creating blurry pictures. Plus, it was just plain distracting.

So, she made an appointment to with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Doright to explore the option of breast reduction surgery. The initial interview turned into a lunch date. Barbie shared her dream of serious and relevant photoessays. Ken confessed the real reason he became a plastic surgeon. It wasn’t all rhinoplasties and riches for him. He told her about his overseas volunteer work with children of wartorn countries.

Six months after the surgery, Barbie landed a her first gig with a major magazine. Soon after that, the couple made a lifetime commitment. During the first dance, everyone ooohed and ahhed about what a gorgeous pair they were. And Ken whispered in Barbie’s ear. “It wasn’t your perfect face that made me want to marry you. It was the beauty that shines from your soul.”

Rev. Kanta Bosniak, Wedding Officiant

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