Artists, Writers & Shamans

KantaPaintings6.26.09-047416Shamans and artists throughout history have used Image, spoken and written word and music throughout history to help people shift their state. As both artist and modern shaman (minister) this is at the center of all my art, recorded work, and teaching and books. Writing about “Abundance Triggers,” and icons especially. But really my poetry books are also intended help readers to align with their loving nature.Not all artists and writers are shamans. One  might even call some anti-shamans- those artists, writers, and musicians who express their internal disorder, hatred and rage provide negative foci for others, Some do this unconsciously. Some more predatorial ones, quite consciously and cold-heartedly use word, sound, media and image to cause harm.

Hater, misognistic music and porn, mean memes, and so on.In contrast, those artists, writers and musicians who walk a spiritual path have both the potential and the responsibility to use their gifts to inspire. And they and have done so much to raise up the entire level of human consciousness with their work! If we add media, film and television, and let go of thinking of “shamans” as people who beat on drums, or even artists whose art is concrete and touchable, then we can consider Fred Rodgers and Oprah Winfrey as artist/shamans.Founder of Ananda Marga Yoga Society (the organization for which I was a meditation teacher in my early twenties) P.R. Sarkar urged artists to create art for service and blessedness and not merely “Art for art’s sake.” About this, he the following:

“The ideal of an artist is to be established in a transcendent realm, beyond the limits of the senses. So the artist, or more precisely, the worshippers  of fine arts, have to be spiritual aspirants. Only those who look upon everything of the world as Spirit can realize in everything a subtle, blissful, Transcendental Entity. The greater the artists’ understanding of their kinship with God, the greater their art.”

Images: Modern icons Bill Moyers,Serge Kahili King, Nikki Giovanni, and Milton Erickson. Paintings NFS, collection of the artist. Photos of the art by Rick DeLello

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