An Invitation to Affirmative Prayer and Spiritually Inspired Action

I recently wrote a blog about the link between personal bullies and group (i.e. legislative and would-be-executive level) bullies and posted it on my FB page. Some of the responses went to the personal bully direction and expanded on it quite eloquently. The effect was, for me, to expand and underscore the point I was making. Public, legislative (and potentially executive-level) bullying needs to be treated with zero tolerance, zapped, eliminated.

They’re like the mean boys in high school with a cruel eye on the gay guy. They have clippers, they’re circling, they’re calling mean names and holding people down. Whacking off hair is all about shaming and demeaning. Whacking off reproductive and civil rights is, too. If you wouldn’t want a bully in your house, then keep bullies out of state government, Congress, the House and the White House.

I am not not NOT inviting a lot of angry rhetoric here. Though I think there is a time and place for the healthy expression of anger and useful ways to channel it, my purpose is to lift people up and affirm their full potential and highest spiritual expression.

So, What I am inviting is this:

1. Affirmative Prayer. Let us know peace and healing. Perpetrators are wounded, self-loathing people. They are mirrors,
expressions of the collective shadow. Affirm their healing for bullies and for those, who up until now stood quietly by and
pretended not to notice. Affirm healing and compassion for all. Affirm the dissolution of the collective shadow in Light.

2. Spirititually inspired action. Clear thinking, courage, right speech, right action, service to humanity-based action. Social
action in whatever way you are called personally moved. And vote. Be an expression of Light in the world.

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