An Artist’s Prayer

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

An Artist’s Prayer

Beloved, may I humbly express

that Beauty that shines from within

sing the song you inspire

and cherish with your heart.

You are the artist and the work

the poem and the poet

the singer and the song

the lover and the loved.

-Kanta Bosniak

image: The central image of this graphic,”Diving Expression.” is a mixed media painting. It was part of “Icons and Sacred Threads,” a solo show at Omega Institute that coincided with my first of two teaching stints there as Artist-in-Residence. It sold to an anonymous collector. I love making art that is interactive- i.e. which includes an adornment which you can remove, wear and replace. Kind of like wardrobe sharing with your bestie, the Divine Feminine.

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