aMused by Love

So much of what passes for “entertainment”- popular music, television, film… is a reflection of our confusion of pain, fear and longing with love. As we grow into the experience of love as an inner and everywhere experience, our artistic expression will become more interesting.

I have enjoyed reading Alex Grey’s, Julia Cameron’s and Vassily Kandinsky’s thoughts on the spiritual in art. I also like the following quotes by by P.R. Sarkar, who was the founder of the yoga society I belonged to for many years and fashion icon and visionary Coco Chanel.

“The ideal of an artist is to be established in a transcendent realm, beyond the limits of the senses. So the artist, or more precisely, the worshippers¬† of fine arts, have to be spiritual aspirants. Only those who look upon everything of the world as Spirit can realize in everything a subtle, blissful, Transcendental Entity. The greater the artists’ understanding of their kinship with God, the greater their art.”-P.R. Sarkar

“Adornment is never anything but a reflection of the heart.”

-Coco Chanel

As an Outsider Artist, I like to paint the INSIDE of things. A mandala, for example. It’s a circular design if you look at it literally. But what it really depicts is Oneness.

When I paint portrait, I’m really painting the unique essence of that person. How is the Divine expressing through this individual? Before I paint a couple portait, I ask to understand the unique blend of expression with a couple, so that I may best honor that withing them as individuals and that blessing that they are together.

I look for the Beauty That Shines from Within. May we all see That when we look in the mirror. May we all speak from heart wisdom the when we talk to ourselves. May That be the theme of the songs we sing to one another, the stories we spin, the pictures we paint in our minds and on the canvasses of our lives.


Kanta Bosniak

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