Affirming EnLIGHTenment

Christmas lights, candles, ritual and celebratory lights symbolize the Kingdom of God Within of which Jesus told his disciples and which George Fox, founded of the Society of Friends, described as the “Inner Light.”  Fox wrote of his visionary experiences in his journal. In the following passage he expresses insights on:-what we might call karma not as punitive but as for the purpose of learning, opening up pathways of compassionate service and teaching -the innate goodness of all people and the Light Within them (the Kingdom of God within)

-how even as we move through dark passages in our lives, we are guided toward the light

-how God’s light lifts up and inspires those who accept it, while those who cannot yet accept it still suffer in their self-chosen separation and pretense.

“I cried unto the Lord, saying, “Why should I be thus, seeing I was never addicted to commit these evils?” and the Lord answered, “That it was needful I should have a sense of all conditions, how else should I speak to all conditions?” and in this I saw the infinite love of God. I saw also that there was an ocean of darkness and death; but an infinite ocean of light and love, which flowed over the ocean of darkness. In that also I saw the infinite love of God, and I had great openings….

Now the Lord opened to me by his invisible power, “that every man was enlightened by the divine light of Christ”; and I saw it shine through all; and that they that believed in it came out of condemnation to the light of life, and became the children of it; but they that hated it, and did not believe in it, were condemned by it, though they made a profession of Christ.”

In this season of celebration, let’s give thanks for that Divine Light within and thanks in advance as we affirm universal enlightenment, peace on earth and goodwill to all!

Blessings, Kanta

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