Advent-ures in Weddings


In Western Christianity, advent is a season of expectancy and preparation that culminates in the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmastide. Colors associated with this special season are purple, a color often used to symbolize, royalty, transformation and abundance or blue a color often used to symbolize hope, steadfastness and confidence.

Advent is the season in which many couples become engaged. The concept of expectancy in the liturgical year works as a metaphor for the engagement period, as the couple prepares for marriage and the birth of a new life together in marriage.

Just as we light may advent candles in the church and gather together in our homes making ready our plans for the special day, sending heartfelt cards and greetings, so do we come together in the planning and activities required to fulfill the couple’s intention to be joined in sacred union.

We who come together to help in preparing and facilitating a wedding are mindful of the meaning of this sacred event. We strive to stay ever reverent of each couple’s love for one another and the transformative aspect of the ceremony we help to realize, honoring them and affirming their hopes and dreams with all that we have to offer.

To all the colleagues with whom I work to create memorable weddings and to all the couples whose weddings I’ve officiated or  will do so in in the coming year, thank you for letting me serve you and your family.

Wishing Happy Advent-ures to you and your loved ones as you anticipate and prepare for joyous events and celebrations. And whatever your faith, may you enjoy all the blessings of the season.

Rev. Kanta Bosniak



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