A Cup of Hope

Grails, cups and other vessels are “Abundance Triggers” -symbols of hope, prosperity and enlightenment. They signify spiritual water, the cup that runs over, that Divine Energy that quenches our thirst for limitlessness. This desire is natural, innate and purposeful. It calls us to be our best and highest Selves and to developing and strenthening our relationship our with our Higher Power.Just as Hitler perverted and twisted the ancient spiritual symbol of the swastika and turned it into a negative trigger of fear, control and hatred, so there is a shadow side of the cup symbol. For those with a severe allergy to alcohol, the chalice symbol becomes its own exact reverse.

It is no longer represents overflowing joy and fulfiullment. It signifies instead, never-enoughness, dependent need, suffering and slow or no-so-slow suicide.It represents the ego, inviting reckless abandonment of life purpose and a feeling of separation. Spiritual joy and real human heart connection is supplanted by the endless party conducted to glamorize and justify the substance.

Those of you who know me and my work know that I am both a cancer survivor and a person who has been involved with the recovery community for decades. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is like cancer. We all know someone whose life has been touched by this devastating disease…how slavery to a substance can destroy relationships and careers, erode integrity, steal beauty, and kill the body.

If there is someone special in your life who’s perched on the cliff edge and teetering and you don’t know what to do to help him or her, it can be a very hopeless and helpless feeling. But there there is hope, and there is help!

Here’s an excellent resource: My friend, Bert Campbell helps people all over the country get their lives back. He is a smart, skilled and experienced interventionist. He will help you get your loved one get placed in rehab. He’s also available for follow-up up sobriety coaching. I recommend him most highly.

And I add my prayers to yours, affirming health and well-being for your loved one. Yes, all things really ARE possible!



Bert Campbell 210.414.2153 Mobile
Email bertcampbell426@gmail.com
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