A Bagful of Teaching Tales

I’d like to share two Facebook posts with you.

Yesterday: Oh, yeah. I lead a wild and wicked life. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend at SBUX to score Disney cartoon videos for my grandson;-)

And today:

I’m sitting in Starbucks with a brown paper bag filled with some of the most beautiful stories ever created. Some of them, I watched as a little girl. Some of them I watched with my son when he was little.

Now, I get to pass them to my grandson. I love stories because they are such a powerful way to pass down cross cultural legacies of myth and meaning. Metaphors and metaphysics live in stories and invite us in to be nourished and loved. I have been a student of teaching stories all my life and a teaching storyteller for all of my adult life. [as a coach, author, minister, writer of creative visualization journeys, and facilitator of guided meditation]. But this is different. It’s generational in a personal sense.

And though they are stories packaged in plastic that are made to go in a mechanical object that will tell the story through a screen, they’re still the same basic tales we’ve been passing down since we sat around campfires that teach us about courage and honor and how things really work.

Author’s Note: For more about teaching tales and the power of story, read Chapter 3 of my book, “Abundance Triggers.”

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