Accessing Inner Archetypes – The Ages of Our Lives

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

“Because of you, Beloved, I dance in my dreams…

Access to your own inner archetypes can be a great benefit. I think there reside in each of us all the ages we have been or will ever be. It’s useful and important to acknowledge these selves and to access them. At any age, you can call on your older, wiser self for guidance. Your inner child helps you play, laugh, and have fun. And your maiden (or inner young man for men), keeps you youthful romantically. This painting celebrates the young woman in her relationship with the Beloved (God) and her beloved (sweetheart). I added a flower border to take it all the way to where it wanted to go: Full Tilt Girlygirl ”

–Kanta Bosniak

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